Images Of Mauritius

Author: Lo,K

ISBN: 9789814408509

Price: Rs 625

With its attractive beaches, warm crystal waters, lush tropical greenery and vibrant multicultural society, it’s no wonder that Mauritius is consistently ranked one of the world’s leading island destinations.

 The fourth book in the popular ‘Images of’ series, Images of Mauritius showcases the beguiling and cosmopolitan island and its rich tapestry of culture, art, history and modernity

Comprising more than 200 original, specially-commissioned photographs of Mauritius’ multi-ethnic heritage, cuisine, architecture, nature and the arts, the book is the perfect introduction for those keen on visiting the island and an excellent keepsake for tourists and locals alike.

 About the Author

Kitty Lo is a resident of Mauritius and an experienced and talented photographer with a keen interest in the colourful and fascinating culture of the island. Her extensive portfolio comprises corporate events, weddings, fashion shows, street photography and sports events.

Target Audience

Travellers, general interest readers


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A Guide to the Whales and Dolphins of Mauritius

Author: -
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This work intends to create awareness among the public at large about cetaceans, [whales and dolphins], their habitat, their importance and the photographs used are meant to identify each mammal.

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Dodo: The Bird Behind the Legend

Author: Grihault,A
ISBN: 9789990338157
It took less than a hundred years of human influence in Mauritius to wipe out the Dodo. The delicate balance of nature was suddenly tipped and became a threat to the survival of the Dodo, which had reigned supreme on this island for thousands of years. For nearly two hundred years after its extinction, the Dodo was forgotten, and there were some doubts as to whether it actually lived at all.

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Mauritius Underwater

ISBN: 9789994990573
The title of this book is Mauritius Underwater: L'ile Maurice Sous-Marine and it was written by Gâerald Rambert. This edition of Mauritius Underwater: L'ile Maurice Sous-Marine is in a Book format.

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Mauritius from its Origin

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Mauritius - The Slave Legacy

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The Making of Mauritius

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The title of this book is The Making of Mauritius and it was written by Moonindra Nath Varma. This edition of The Making of Mauritius is in a Book format.

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Sugar-Island: A Brief History of Sugar in Mauritius

Author: Antoine,JC
ISBN: 9782906761162

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A taste of Mauritian Muslim Cuisine

Author: Randera,Z
ISBN: 9789990387704
A lifetime of culinary ideas. . .

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Mauritius Color

Author: Sansoni,D
The book is breathtakingly beautiful. It is distilled colour, now. Pure texture, the next minute. A feeling, the very next moment. A hymn to the ordinary people of Mauritius and to the things they make, paint, fix up, and to the places we live in, work at, eat and drink in. A homage to each person we see on the page. It moved me to tears as I paged it.

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Mauritius As it was

ISBN: 9789994930098
Nineteenth Century Photographs from the Blue Penny Museum Collection

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Mauritius Golf

Author: Aubert,L
ISBN: 9789994930036

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Mauritian Cookery

Author: Orphie
ISBN: 9782877630412

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Mauritius Illustrated

Author: Macmillan,A
ISBN: 9788120615083
Historical and Descriptive, Commercial and Industrial Facts, Figures, & Resources A commemorative volume that, between its covers, gives a compressive over view of the Island. The chapters form a series of essays written by distinguished gentlemen who have had a long serving redaction with Mauritius.

Rs 3850

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Mauritius on the Spice Route

Author: Piat,D
ISBN: 9789814260312
This is a gloriously illustrated and fascinating history of Mauritius - heart of the 'Spice Route' for over 200 years. This is the engrossing story of Mauritius, the exotic Indian Ocean island port of call at the heart of the fabled 'Spice Route'.

Rs 950

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