Images Of Mauritius

Author: Lo,K

ISBN: 9789814408509

Price: Rs 625

With its attractive beaches, warm crystal waters, lush tropical greenery and vibrant multicultural society, it’s no wonder that Mauritius is consistently ranked one of the world’s leading island destinations.

 The fourth book in the popular ‘Images of’ series, Images of Mauritius showcases the beguiling and cosmopolitan island and its rich tapestry of culture, art, history and modernity

Comprising more than 200 original, specially-commissioned photographs of Mauritius’ multi-ethnic heritage, cuisine, architecture, nature and the arts, the book is the perfect introduction for those keen on visiting the island and an excellent keepsake for tourists and locals alike.

 About the Author

Kitty Lo is a resident of Mauritius and an experienced and talented photographer with a keen interest in the colourful and fascinating culture of the island. Her extensive portfolio comprises corporate events, weddings, fashion shows, street photography and sports events.

Target Audience

Travellers, general interest readers


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Blue Bay Palace

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Exposing the extremes of life in a developing country, this compelling novel of doomed love shows how poverty, class divisions, and ramshackle housing become even harder to bear when luxurious resorts and rich tourists arrive on the scene. Growing up on the island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean, lonely young Maya hopes that someday she might escape her poverty and find happiness in the desirable housing developments near the new hotels.

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Last Brother

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Raj is oblivious to the Second World War being fought beyond his tiny exotic island. His mother is his sole company while his father works as a prison guard, so the boy thinks only of making friends. One day, from the far-away world, a ship brings to the island Jewish exiles who have been refused entry to Israel.

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Dernier Frere

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Le 26 décembre 1940, l'Atlantic accoste à Port-Louis. A son bord, quelque 1.500 Juifs, refoulés de Palestine et déportés à l'île Maurice, colonie britannique. Raj, 10 ans, ignore tout du monde et des tragédies qui s'y déroulent.

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Mauritius 500 Early Postcards

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Since the 18th century, people from Europe, Africa, India and China have made Mauritius their home. The result is a charming mix of cultural and religious traditions, against the backdrop of a tropical paradise.

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Stone Age

Author: Couacaud,J
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A travers son livre, Ile Maurice : l’Age de Pierre, Jano Couacaud nous convie à une promenade à travers l’île Maurice sous un angle original, encore jamais exploré. Terre de basalte chargée d’histoire et riche de ses cultures, voici Maurice redécouverte au-delà des clichés touristiques. Jano Couacaud pose un regard inédit sur son île, source d’inspiration et de réflexion.

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Living Legends Sir Anerood Jugnauth

Author: Ibrahim,A
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Sir Anerood Jugnauth,former president and prime minister of the Republique of Mauritius,rose from a humble beginning to occupy the highest political office in the country.He started his career as a successful lawyer and became one of the most respected politicians.

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New comprehensive History of Mauritius Vol 2

Author: Selvon,S
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At half a century interval, two Nobel Prize in Economics, James Meade and Joseph Stiglitz, studied Mauritius Island. Meade highlighted the island's problem of devastating poverty and the population explosion time bomb, the second the 'economic miracle' it achieved by the 21st century, to become one of the top two most successful African nations in terms of its socioeconomic achievements and democracy. Mauritius is also called the Singapore of the Southwestern Indian Ocean.

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New comprehensive History of Mauritius Vol 1

Author: Selvon,S
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From ancient times to the birth of parliament. From British Mauritius to the 21st century.

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Treasures of Karlongton

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At dawn,when the black rooster begins to crow,Granny makes little letters of gold spring out of the fireplace. But granny says that when little children do not sleep at night,they begin to hallucinate.

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Jours Vivants

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Mary Grimes a grandi dans la campagne anglaise avant de connaître, à 15 ans, son premier amour avec un soldat de passage, Howard, au début de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Longtemps, dans sa maison de Portobello Road, à Londres, elle a attendu son retour, mais, les années passant, son souvenir s'est effacé.

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Rochers de Poudre D'or

Author: Appanah,N
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Avril 1892, Inde. Un jeune homme sur les traces de son frère, un paysan meurtri par la misère et la domination des propriétaires terriens, une fascinante veuve au sang royal fuyant le bûcher et un candide joueur de cartes font route vers l'océan, espérant trouver l'eldorado de l'autre côté de «l'Eau noire».

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Ile Maurice Meilleurs Recettes Monde

Author: Orphie
ISBN: 9782877634571
A l’ombre des filaos ou à un coin de rue, les occasions ne manquent pas pour trouver une carriole ambulante et goûter aux plats mauriciens. En milieu de matinée ou pour le déjeuner, les marchands vous proposeront des dhals puris, des chapatis , des faratas, des samoussas, des gâteaux piments ou une fricassée de foie à manger sur le pouce dans un pain rond ou accompagnée de riz.

Rs 425

Vraie Cuisine Mauricienne Volaille et Oeuf

Author: Felix,G
ISBN: 9789990303018
Une cinquantaine de façons d'accommoder la volaille et les oeufs sont proposées dans ce manuel. A l'île Maurice, les courants culinaires d'Afrique, de Madagascar, d'Asie ou d'Europe se rencontrent.

Rs 150

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