Author: Moradhun,T

ISBN: 9789994931378

Price: Rs 390

Sa liv la kapav enn premie tantativ dan domenn Matematik kot finn prezant bann zwe ek ban lezot faset ki nou trouve dan sa size la.

Li napa enn liv lekol me enn koleksion bann distraksion an zeneral.

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Vraie Cuisine Mauricienne Volaille et Oeuf

Author: Felix,G
ISBN: 9789990303018
Une cinquantaine de façons d'accommoder la volaille et les oeufs sont proposées dans ce manuel. A l'île Maurice, les courants culinaires d'Afrique, de Madagascar, d'Asie ou d'Europe se rencontrent.

Rs 150

Rougails,Viande et Poissons

Author: Orphie
ISBN: 9782877637367
Ce guide pratique propose des recettes des célèbres rougails créoles et de plats à base de viande et de poisson : caris, massalés, civets, daubes, gratins, etc.

Rs 275

Sugar cane

Author: Fry,E,E
ISBN: 9780957293809
Beth Stephen's seemingly normal life is turned upside down when her father,George Labelle passes away and she finds herself travelling to Mauritius to spread his ashes. Set between England and Mauritius during the sixties to the present day ,Sugar cane follows both of their stories,juxtaposing between Beth in life and George from beyond the grave,father and daughter discovering more than they bargained for,especially wherever the beautiful Sahana is concerned...

Rs 450

Tikulu's Treasure

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337259
Tikulu and his dog, Dimoune, find a chest of gold coins. Because they feel that the true treasure is in the heart, they seal it up again in its cave.

Rs 350

SOS Shark

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337228
A magnificent story unfurls in the vast theatre of the sea. Tikulu shares the scenery with the reader in the company of his friend Kousti the dolphin.

Rs 350

Mystery in the Citadel

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337273
When the end-of-year holidays come round, Tikulu always goes to stay with his cousin, Hammerkop in Port Louis.

Rs 350

Meli melo in the Molasses

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337297
July is back. All over the island, cane-cutting is in full swing. Early one morning, Tikulu and Matapan set out for the fields where they are going to help cut cane.

Rs 350

Cyclone over Black River

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337334
Tikulu and his friends are thrilled to be going camping in the Black River Gorges. Swimming right underneath a waterfall, fresh-water fishing, picnics on the banks of the river all conspire to make for an idyllic scene.

Rs 350

Tikulu in Rodrigues

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337358
Welcome to Rodrigues! Seventh in its series, this book has Tikulu take us over to visit an outer island where his Uncle Bo lives.

Rs 350

Off to Nosy Boraha

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337419
Tikulu's just received a letter from Uncle Papi, an old granddad he didn't even know he had, who's asked him to come and take care of his treasure in Nosy Boraha!

Rs 350

Tikulu versus Grandmother Kal

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337457
On holiday in Reunion Island, Tikulu meets a pretty girl called Lalie. One of her distant relations has been punished by Grandmother Kal, a horrible witch who lives inside the volcano and comes out at night as a big black bird...

Rs 350

Diya Trail

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337501
Tikulu and his friends are all excited. Their friend Lalie has come from Reunion Island to celebrate Divali, the great festival of light, with them.

Rs 350

Tikulu to the Rescue

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337556
Sailing in the famous Grand Gaube regatta on their pirogue Tifrer, Tikulu, Dimoune and Uncle Felix chase after the highly coveted cup! But, once again, things don't quite go as expected...

Rs 350

Mission to Seychelles

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337600
Konker is in tears...Her father has not returned from his mysterious mission to Seychelles...

Rs 350

Maiden Cup Fever

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337761
Tikulu, Kasskott and Gromarto are all excited. They have been invited to the Maiden Cup, the biggest of horse-race of the year, the one all the jockeys yearn to win.

Rs 350

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