Tropique De La Violence

Author: Appanah,N

ISBN: 9782070197552

Price: Rs 525

Ne t’endors pas, ne te repose pas, ne ferme pas les yeux, ce n’est pas terminé. Ils te cherchent. Tu entends ce bruit, on dirait le roulement des barriques vides, on dirait le tonnerre en janvier mais tu te trompes si tu crois que c’est ça. Écoute mon pays qui gronde, écoute la colère qui rampe et qui rappe jusqu’à nous. Tu entends cette musique, tu sens la braise contre ton visage balafré? Ils viennent pour toi.»

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Clef Des Saveurs

Author: Dalais,J
ISBN: 9789990337860
Quel est donc le secret de cette cuisiniere autodidacte qui avait ravit les palais mauriciens depuis pres d'un demi siecle?

Rs 1300

Arbres du Monde

Author: Gurib Fakim,A
ISBN: 9789990389296

Rs 800

Guide Illustre Flore De Maurice Ocean Indien

Author: Gurib Fakim,A
ISBN: 9789990389005

Rs 700

Trees & Shrubs

Author: Gurib Fakim,A
ISBN: 9789994927579

Rs 600

Semi Apes

Author: Carrim,s
ISBN: 9789671107416
Heera, a clinical psychologist, pursues meaning, coherence and integrity. In unearthing memories of her childhood and adolescence, she takes us to the bleakest corners of her family life.

Rs 450

Toutes les plantes qui Soignent

Author: Gurib Fakim,A
ISBN: 9782749922683
Savez-vous que le curcuma est souverain pour combattre l’excès de cholestérol ? Que la tomate, riche en lycopène, renforce le système immunitaire ? Que la capucine aide à soigner les problèmes respiratoires et le piment apaise spectaculairement les douleurs ? LES REMEDES SE TROUVENT DANS LA NATURE ! Et aussi, de plus en plus, en pharmacie.

Rs 1095

Plantes Medicinales Maurice et Ailleurs

Author: Gurib Fakim,A
ISBN: 9789994922383

Rs 700

Island Lovers Poems Images

Author: Lampotang,P
ISBN: 9780993994210
Island Lovers is a book of poetry and photography that offers a unique perspective on the island of Mauritius. It is a celebration of the history of Mauritius, its people and its lush tropical landscape through evocative poems and photographs. This book is a wonderful gift for those who want to discover the varied facets of Mauritius, its interesting mix of cultures and natural beauty through lyrical language and images.

Rs 500

Forensics in Paradise

Author: Boolell,S
ISBN: 9789000002948

Rs 450


Author: Vizavi
ISBN: 9789994942015

Rs 1500

Reef Fishes & Corals East Coast of South Africa

Author: King,D
ISBN: 9781868259816
Dennis King's guide to Reef Fishes & Corals covers the East Coast of South Africa and ist also applicable to Mauritius, Seychelles, Comores, Madagascar and East Africa.

Rs 625

Island of Shame - The Secret History of the U.S. Military Base on Diego Garcia

Author: Vine,D
ISBN: 9780691149837
The American military base on the island of Diego Garcia is one of the most strategically important and secretive U.S. military installations outside the United States.

Rs 695

Pirates & Corsairs in Mauritius

Author: Piat,D
ISBN: 9789994990535
Chased from the Caribbean by the English and Spanish navies, numerous pirates started arriving in the Indian Ocean in 1685. They established themselves in the north-eastern bays of Madagascar, and Sainte-Marie island became their lair. For almost half a century these sea-robbers attacked and plundered merchant vessels, until, in 1730, an end was put to their activities.

Rs 600

A Guide to the Whales and Dolphins of Mauritius

Author: -
ISBN: 9789994934102
This work intends to create awareness among the public at large about cetaceans, [whales and dolphins], their habitat, their importance and the photographs used are meant to identify each mammal.

Rs 300

Dodo: The Bird Behind the Legend

Author: Grihault,A
ISBN: 9789990338157
It took less than a hundred years of human influence in Mauritius to wipe out the Dodo. The delicate balance of nature was suddenly tipped and became a threat to the survival of the Dodo, which had reigned supreme on this island for thousands of years. For nearly two hundred years after its extinction, the Dodo was forgotten, and there were some doubts as to whether it actually lived at all.

Rs 695

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