The Flipside : Finding the Hidden Opportunities in Life

Author: Jackson,A

ISBN: 97807553818773

Price: Rs 450

THE FLIPSIDE is your passport to a brighter, more positive future. It shows that every cloud can have a silver lining. A setback can change the course of your life.

But why should the change be a negative one? Challenges and obstacles are part of life, but while some wilt under pressure, others rise to the occasion. Could it be there is a method for overcoming adversity and turning failure into success? The flipside is the hidden opportunity inside each problem - an opportunity so powerful that it dwarfs the original difficulty. THE FLIPSIDE is full of life-affirming stories from around the world.

It will change the way you look at adversity, and help you turn setbacks into new chances.

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What Made Jack Welch Jack Welch

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Surprisingly, it’s not about education or pedigree or even native smarts. Most of us are like jack welch, who started life as a lowercase guy, the son of a railroad conductor, but went on to become the most celebrated and successful executive of recent years.

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Bank 3.0 : Why Banking is No Longer Somewhere You Go, But Something You Do

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In BANK 3.0, Brett King brings the story up to date with the latest trends redefining financial services and payments—from the global scramble for dominance of the mobile wallet and the expectations created by tablet computing to the operationalising of the cloud, the explosion of social media, and the rise of the de-banked consumer, who doesn't need a bank at all.

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Blah, Blah, Blah : What to Do When Words Don't Work

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Dan Roam, author of two very successful books, The Back of the Napkin and Unfolding the Napkin, is, in my opinion, a brilliant man. In his latest book, Blah Blah Blah: What To Do When Words Don’t Work he talks about the big problem in today’s society: communication. Or should I say, miscommunication.

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Thinking Backwards: The Art of Problem Solving in Business

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Companies are lousy problem solvers. There are fundamental flaws in the way managers and their advisers make crucial decisions, including: unclear or missing objectives; spending too much time on the problem rather than on the solution; lack of real facts and evidence; giving direction without recommending concrete interventions; misalignment with key stakeholders; or simply missing good alternatives.

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ONE: A Consumer Revolution for Business

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Inside Apple

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ISBN: 9781848547223
In INSIDE APPLE, Adam Lashinsky provides readers with an insight on leadership and innovation. He introduces Apple business concepts like the 'DRI' (Apple's practice of assigning a Directly Responsible Individual to every task) and the Top 100 (an annual event where that year's top 100 up-and-coming executives were surreptitiously transported to a secret retreat with company founder Steve Jobs).

Rs 650

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