Atkins New Diet Cookbook

Author: Atkins,R

ISBN: 9780091889463

Price: Rs 470

With more than 200 recipes and a useful summary of Dr Atkins bestselling diet philosophy this is the ultimate cookbook for losing weight and staying slim. Full of delicious low-carbohydrate recipes made with fresh and tasty ingredients to keep dieters on track.

Forget counting calories and feast on steak, creamy mushroom soup, roast turkey, tandoori chicken, guacamole and enchilada, chocolate mousse, biscuits, raspberry sorbet, chunky chocolate ice cream and more. This food will provide every bit as much emotional satisfaction as any pre-Atkins way of eating. The Dr Atkins Diet will never let you go hungry; you'll experience quick weight loss and then it will keep you at your ideal weight for the rest of your life.

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