Asterix chez les Pictes

Author: Goscin

ISBN: 9782864972662

Price: Rs 450

Le plus célèbre des Gaulois embarque pour un voyage épique vers une contrée riche de traditions, l'ancienne Ecosse, à la découverte des Pictes, un peuple de redoutables guerriers aux multiples clans.

Les différences culturelles se traduiront en aventures et en gags.

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Tikulu in Dodoland

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ISBN: 9789990337143
In Dodoland tells the story of a little boy who travels across Mauritius in search of the Dodo. Implicitly, the story conveys the innate desire of the author to discover anew the innocence of the land. An irresistible invitation to visit the colourful island of Mauritius

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Tikulu's Treasure

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ISBN: 9789990337259
Tikulu and his dog, Dimoune, find a chest of gold coins. Because they feel that the true treasure is in the heart, they seal it up again in its cave.

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SOS Shark

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337228
A magnificent story unfurls in the vast theatre of the sea. Tikulu shares the scenery with the reader in the company of his friend Kousti the dolphin.

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Mystery in the Citadel

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337273
When the end-of-year holidays come round, Tikulu always goes to stay with his cousin, Hammerkop in Port Louis.

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Meli melo in the Molasses

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337297
July is back. All over the island, cane-cutting is in full swing. Early one morning, Tikulu and Matapan set out for the fields where they are going to help cut cane.

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Cyclone over Black River

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Tikulu in Rodrigues

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337358
Welcome to Rodrigues! Seventh in its series, this book has Tikulu take us over to visit an outer island where his Uncle Bo lives.

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Off to Nosy Boraha

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337419
Tikulu's just received a letter from Uncle Papi, an old granddad he didn't even know he had, who's asked him to come and take care of his treasure in Nosy Boraha!

Rs 300

Tikulu versus Grandmother Kal

Author: Koombes,H
ISBN: 9789990337457
On holiday in Reunion Island, Tikulu meets a pretty girl called Lalie. One of her distant relations has been punished by Grandmother Kal, a horrible witch who lives inside the volcano and comes out at night as a big black bird...

Rs 300

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